PI & Mentor Information

The CNMS Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Chemical and Biological Sciences could not be offered without the support of the principal investigators and undergraduate research mentors. The many contributions of these dedicated individuals are very much appreciated. It is hoped that all principal investigators, mentors of participants in the event, and members of their lab groups, are able to attend the CNMS Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Chemical and Biological Sciences.

Abstract Submission & Approval

All presenters in the CNMS Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Chemical and Biological Sciences are required to garner the approval of their final abstracts from the principal investigator (PI) or someone the PI has designated to do the approval. After each abstract is submitted, and e-mail will be generated to request the PI to confirm his/her approval of the presenter’s abstracts using an online form. Please note, all submitted abstracts will be published in the Abstract Program Book, which will be distributed to judges and participants, respectively.


PI’s, Mentors and members of their lab groups who plan to attend are asked to register their attendance online as early as possible so that name tags can be made and adequate food can be ordered.

Registration Form


Call for Judges

This event is not possible without the efforts of our volunteer judges – faculty members, research mentors, and Ph.D.s who are avid supporters of undergraduate research and have backgrounds in the chemical or biological sciences. Thank you in advance for your contribution and efforts to this event.

  • Attend Judges’ Meeting before each Poster Session for which they are assigned to judge.
  • Complete the evaluation for each poster in the group for which they are assigned.
  • Collaborate with other judges who are assigned to the same group to select first and second place presenters.
  • Submit selections for winners to awards coordinator.

Note: When assigning judges to each group, efforts are made to avoid any conflict of interest between the presenters and the judges. We ask that any judge who finds they have been assigned to a group where there is a conflict of interest notify the event coordinator promptly and recuse themselves from judging. The event coordinator will find an alternative judge for the group.

Judge Registration

Those interested in volunteering to be a judge for the upcoming Undergraduate Research Symposium are encouraged to register as early a possible.
Requirements: All judges must have a Ph.D. with expertise in the chemical or biological sciences. (Ph.D. candidates are not eligible to be a judge at this event)

To sign up to be a judge, simply indicate this on the registration form, and provide the requested information about sub-disciplines for which you would be willing to review posters and your availability.

All individuals interested in judging are asked to complete the advanced registration form. 

The deadline is Midnight EST on Sunday, September 30, 2018.

Judging assignments will be sent out via e-mail the week proceeding the event.

If you have questions, please e-mail symposium@umbc.edu.