Poster Requirements & Template

Maximum Poster Size

The maximum poster size for the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Chemical and Biological Sciences is 36-inches wide by 42-inches high (~92 cm x ~107 cm) in a portrait orientation. This poster size ensures that two posters fit side-by-side on the poster display units.

Please note- Due to space constraints we do have a maximum limit of one poster per individual presenter. The exception to this poster limit is when a student has their own individual research project and the student is also co-presenting on a collaborative research project. In this case, the student would have a 2nd poster affiliated with their collaborative research team.

Poster Template

The following template is formatted for the maximum poster size, 36-inches wide by 42-inches high.

Powerpoint file (.ppt)

If you have any questions regarding the poster requirements please e-mail

Information about poster session assignments can be found on the poster assignment page.

Poster Printing for non-UMBC students or UMBC students without approved funding

Symposium participants are encouraged to check with their research mentors for the recommended procedure for getting their posters printed.

Poster Printing for UMBC students with approved funding

Ms. Melissa Cormier, UMBC Research Graphics, may be able to accept requests for printing posters.   The deadline for submitting files for posters (in PDF form) for the CNMS Undergraduate Symposium is 9:00 a.m, Tuesday October 8th

All UMBC students’ requests must be submitted to Melissa Cormier to ensure posters will be available for the Symposium. The requirements listed below MUST be followed to ensure accurate poster printing for the event. Please note, the maximum poster size is 36-inches wide by 42-inches high.

  • Poster files should be emailed to Melissa Cormier in a PDF format ( She reserves the right to edit posters for size and color.
    • One-sheet poster:  The file must be submitted for printing as a single .pdf file.
    • Multiple-panel poster: Only the banner portion of the multiple-panel poster should be printed at by UMBC Illustrative Services. The banner must be submitted for printing as a single .pdf file. The panels should be printed by the presenter using an ink-jet or laser color printer.
  • The poster presenter’s first and last name should be included in the poster file that is submitted (i.e. SmithAJPoster.pdf)
  • Please be aware that there is a cost for one sheet poster or banner printing; therefore a PS ChartString or identification of who is paying for the cost of the poster printing should be identified in the poster submission email to Melissa Cormier.
  • Do not use light colored text on dark backgrounds. This uses large quantities of ink that are expensive, take longer to dry, sometimes run, and sometimes can change color mid-poster.
  • Many colors used in posters print much darker than they may appear on the computer monitor.
  • Remember to save your file frequently as you work on your poster.
  • Again, the Graphics lab reserves the right to make changes to your poster, such as lightening the background color, if deemed necessary.

Important: If another shop or resource is used for poster printing, please be sure to check on the amount of time required to complete the printing process to avoid problems obtaining the finished product at least one day in advance of the CNMS Symposium.